Saturday, 3 September 2011

Gay Christian Network provides safe harbor

"In 2001, little did Justin Lee, a recent graduate from Wake Forest University and 23 at the time, realize what a monumental contribution he would make to LGBT Christians around the globe."

Born in Marietta, Ga., his family moved to Raleigh when he was four. He came from a loving and supportive Southern Baptist family. When he was 19 he came out, but felt confused and tried to go straight. He had felt for years that gays should be straight and took a sojourn in the “ex-gay” movement, but felt it was alien to his upbringing. He shared that the “ex-gay” leaders’ stand was that kids who came from overbearing parents were more inclined to be gay or lesbian. This was totally not true for him. His were the complete opposite. He had tried to get answers from his church and friends. His background had been along the evangelical lines. So, he abandoned this ship and set sail for other ports. He began to write on the internet about issues. He wanted to make sure that there was a place that was welcoming and provided a sense of community for gay and lesbian Christians and their allies. And, this grew into a worldwide attention-grabbing phenomenon.

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