Sunday, 14 August 2011

Being A Gay Christian Is No Oxymoron, Says Pastor Katrina Foster - Amagansett, NY -

Katrina Foster, a pastor from Fordham Evangelical Lutheran Church, had relocated to the East End after over 15 years of service in the South Bronx. Pastor Foster is gay, and was one of the first handful of Lutheran clergy members to not only live openly as a lesbian, but to marry a woman and start a family, despite strictures set forth by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). She is one of a small demographic of Lutherans that have been striving for equality for sexual minority people within the denomination since the early 1990s, nearly losing her collar and congregation along the way. With the ink still wet on New York State's passage of Marriage Equality for same-sex couples, President Obama's claim that his views on gay marriage are 'evolving,' and protest emerging from various religious institutions regarding the sacramental implications of the term 'marriage,' I sought Pastor Foster to discuss her perspective on these issues. Also, I was curious to meet a gay Christian – an anomaly I had heard existed, but had never encountered firsthand.
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