Friday, 22 July 2011

Oral Roberts’ gay grandson speaking in Chicago

Randy Roberts Potts, Grandson of Oral Roberts
"Like his famous grandfather, Randy Roberts Potts is now a man on a mission.

Potts, who’s speaking in Chicago July 30, is the grandson of the late Oral Roberts, the world’s first televangelist, a man whose ministry had revenues of almost $90 million a year by the end of the 1970s and who founded the Oklahoma university that bears his name.

But Potts’ mission is a very different one than his grandfather’s. Potts is gay, and his mission began last year when he went to Dan Savage’s It Gets Better website and began watching the videos people had posted there with messages of hope for young LGBTs.

“I cried through the first 20 videos,” Potts said in an interview July 21.Potts’ own journey to discover himself, like those of many LGBTs who grew up in evangelical or fundamentalist families, has taken time.
- full report at Gay Chicago

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