Thursday, 8 April 2010

Gay Marriage - Coming to Iceland?

Last year, Iceland made its own small piece of LGBT history when it appointed  Johanna Sigurdardóttir  as  the world's first openly gay or lesbian Prime 'Minister.  Later this year, in a move no longer regarded as remarkable, it is likely to become the next country to recognise same sex marriage. Legal recognition of same sex unions began in the Nordic countries, way back in   when Denmark made provision in law for civil unions. Since then, Sweden and Norway have approved full marriage, and Denmark is planning to follow suit. This will leave Finland as the only Scandinavian country without full marriage equality, but I don't imagine the Finns will want to lag too far behind their neighbours.  When they do follow suit, that will create an entire geographic region of countries with full marriage for all and at least two, Sweden and Denmark, providing for church marriage as will as civil marriage. Watch this space.
Lesbian PM, Johanna Sigurdardóttir

Iceland Likely to Permit Gay Marriage by June

Iceland, the tiny island country of 320,000 people in the North Atlantic, will likely be the next nation to legalize same-sex marriage. Openly lesbian prime minister Johanna Sigurdardóttir presented a revision to current marriage law to the Icelandic parliament on March 23. The revision is widely expected to become law, and if (or when) it does, the first same-sex marriages could happen as early as June 27, 2010, the date of Gay Pride in the capital city of Reykjavík.
Since 1996, Iceland has had a legal domestic partnership registry for heterosexual and homosexual couples. Gay and lesbian equality was further strengthened in 2006 with laws guaranteeing the same social rights as heterosexuals to lesbian and gay men in the spheres of social security, taxation, labor, and other social services. Currently, registered same-sex couples also have the same access to adoption as heterosexuals who are married or in registered domestic partnerships.
Despite its size, Iceland is a dynamic nation, and this includes its landscape. The recent eruption of a volcano in the remote area of Fimmvörðuháls has created a new mountain. Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs Katrín Jakobsdóttir has convened a committee to assist in naming the new landmark, but they are also seeking suggestions from the public. We at CarnalNation think that the name of the new mountain should in some way commemorate the Icelandic commitment to equality for gays and lesbians. Suggestions can be sent to the Ministry here.

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