Saturday, 8 October 2011

‘Overwhelming’ support for female bishops at Synod meeting - Ripon - Ripon Gazette

The Anglican proposal to approve female bishops needs the support of a majority of diocesan synods to move ahead. So far, every single one has voted in favour, in most cases overwhelmingly - as in this instance, from Yorkshire. 

That will not end the matter: it will still need approval at the national synod from each of the three houses of bishops, clergy and laity. But the pattern thus far is that at diocesan level, support has in fact been coming from all three houses. This proposal will pass. Once it has become a fact, opposition will fade away, just as opposition to women priests faded once people met the reality of women priests - and recognized their value.

"Church leaders from North Yorkshire and Leeds have voted overwhelmingly in favour of women bishops.
The Diocese of Ripon and Leeds stretches from south Leeds to the borders with County Durham.
Its Synod, or governing body, met on Saturday, October 1, at the David Young Community Academy in Leeds to debate a draft measure called ‘Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women), which has been forwarded to every diocese in the country by the General Synod.
The Synod decided overwhelmingly in its favourwith the vote to approve the women bishops’ measure going 74 in favour and 7 against with 2 abstentions."

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