Thursday, 9 September 2010

Another Woman Priest – Santa Barbara


Roman Catholic Rebels

Santa Barbara Women Priests Defy Vatican Law

HEEDING THE CALL: Patricia Sandall (left) officially entered priesthood during a June ceremony, and Jeanette Love (right) will be ordained herself on Sunday, September 12. Members of an international movement called Roman Catholic Womenpriests, the two say their desire to serve God and the community is stronger than the threat of excommunication as decreed by church law.

After working for the Roman Catholic Los Angeles Archdiocese for more than 20 years, Patricia Sandall’s call to the priesthood came gradually. She considered being ordained as a Protestant minister, but could not bring herself to convert to another religious tradition.

“I [am] Roman Catholic to the bone,” said Sandall. “I could not leave my church.”

But there alone was the problem. The Catholic Church levies its ultimate penalty, excommunication, on women who attempt to become priests.

Right here in Santa Barbara, many devout women — including Catholic nuns, teachers, and professors — have acted against what they believe is unjust sexism by becoming a part of the Roman Catholic Womenpriests (RCWP) movement.


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